Call to Worship: Our Justice-Seeking Jesus

Saving Justice white for web.jpg

By Daniel Harvey, Art by Stefan Wolf

This Call to worship was originally given on 1/22/17 at Imago Dei Central City Campus. 

I’m fairly young, but I’m slowing down. I don’t run as fast as I used to, and my body doesn’t recover as fast either. It’s not just by body that’s slowing down though; my thoughts are getting slower. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I wonder: “Maybe my receding hairline is God’s way of telling me I’m losing my mind.” 

Maybe it’s because I’ve got two small kids who need my immediate attention, and they also make me want to plan far into the future. Maybe my relatively recent interest in politics has grown because I know that public policy and social systems - they’ll outlive me. And maybe that’s because, after losing my dad and sister, I know life can be short. 

So yeah, I’ve got vested interest in trying to understand how to navigate the world. Let me tell you, in the world around me, both inside and outside my little circles, there’s plenty of cause for concern.

I’m still worried about late-night texts from my family. I have to check the new in low dosages. Do you have concerns? Maybe some anxieties about your own life. Your family. The decisions of local and national leaders. Maybe you’re just skeptical of the world. Apathetic. You know, numb.

Underneath, there is an uneasiness. A nagging emptiness about the way the world works. In its purest form, that uncertainty, that longing, that’s a desire for justice. Wishing for things to be made right. For people to be healed, inside and out. 

Every day, we’re confronted with a world that doesn’t conform to our understanding of how it should work or our desire to change it. Injustice and death show up [and] reveal just how powerless we are. But let’s not limit our perspective to our moment in time. 

Jesus knew about the injustice around Him. His followers would be martyred. He knew His mother would lose a child to crucifixion. A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. But He wasn’t paralyzed by it. 

This is the same Jesus who withdrew from everyone when John the baptist was killed. But then the crowd followed Him. And then His disciples fed 5,000. It’s the same Jesus who had compassion on the Samaritan woman. The same Jesus who turned over a table, made a whip and drove people from the temple. 

Imago Dei Community, let’s worship Jesus, our heavenly representative who sees the world, enters it and seeks justice to the point of death and beyond it. 

Each Sunday, the Call to Worship is designed to lead us into uniting our actions, intentions, and emotions in loving response to God. For more information about creative liturgy and how to get involved, email