Worship Fully

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By Brad Childs

Each week during Advent, we’ll share a new story from someone in our community highlighting one or more of the Advent Conspiracy tenets. This week production coordinator Brad Childs explores what it looks like to worship fully in the midst of exhaustion as well as celebration, in weakness as well as strength:

When I was asked to write something for Advent this year, I got really excited. When I found out the topic, I laughed at the irony. WORSHIP FULLY.

In many ways, I’m the worst person to write about this. My worship has more in common with a Pharisee than a redeemed child of God. It’s rarely full and it’s rarely as genuine on the inside as it appears on the outside. My worship is weak.

But I’m guessing yours is, too. No offense. You’re human just like me. I’m right there with you. So maybe that makes me the perfect person to write about it. Because weakness has taught me more about worship than strength has. And I’ve learned that’s kind of the point.

Much like prayer is not a single act, but rather a posture of the heart for daily living, worship is not just the act of singing on Sunday mornings, but rather an attitude of relationship between God and me that impacts every area of my life. Every task, every relationship, every pursuit in my life is an offering of worship to something, God or not.

I’ve found that my worship is most genuine when I’m utterly exhausted, when I’m completely weak. Because only in those moments do I lack the strength to put my “stuff” between God and me. Only then is my offering to Him truly genuine because I’m focused on my need for Him, not how He fits into my agenda. I think worship takes a consistent attitude of both humble weakness and honest strength.

This Christmas season, let’s use Christ as an example of that very practice. Because he came down as a human child, both fully weak as a human and fully strong as God. He lived that out to perfection, offering every second of His Godly can and His human can’t to the Father in everything He did, both big and small.

Let us try to do the same. Because our God is worthy of worship.