Hannah's Horizon

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By Hannah Glavor 

The end of April will mark the end of my role as Imago’s Worship and Arts Director. This will be news to most of you, but it has come after many months of prayer and is a step I am taking out of obedience to a call to a season of listening, rest and healing.

This decision comes with unknowns and was not an easy one to make - but it has been made with trust that those unknowns don’t have to be known in order to obey a clear call. It was very clear at the beginning of the year that God wanted me to “let go” of Imago Dei. What is unclear is what that means, for how long, where I will work and what I will do. As uncomfortable as unknowns can be, I am inviting you to join me in embracing the discomfort and pressing into the adventure of trusting. Join me in prayer as I practice hearing, trusting and obeying God without all the answers. 

I will be stepping away from attending and leading at Imago during the summer, and will likely be back to visit the fall or the new year. I can be found resting and relaxing in Portland, going on adventures in nature or making music for the next couple months. In the fall, I will be continuing in my studies at Western Seminary after a year hiatus post brain surgery. (If that's news to you, you can catch up to speed around the 34:25 mark HERE and enjoy a song in the process.)

Within days of moving to Portland in 2007, I attended Imago Dei and immediately found my home. From the start, it has been a place where I found healing in worship as a worshipper and a musician. I remember Josh Butler leading a bunch of songs I had never heard before with a ragtag group of musicians at varying levels of excellence, and I found the most heartfelt and non pretentious worship I had ever experienced at a church. It gave me new language of hope and worship; it showed me a new way of following Jesus. 

This role, journey and leading worship with you all has been a dream of mine from the very beginning of my attendance. It has been an honor of an experience throughout. You all are a part of growing me into who I am today. You worshipped by my side in all seasons, and I am so grateful to call you family. 

Imago has been my home for over a decade, my mailing address since 2012. It launched my music career, grew me as a musician, raised me as a leader and taught me how worship wholly. I am not the same person I was when I started, and I’m better for it. You are my family and this is not the end, just the close of this current chapter. I am looking forward to what this next one has in store.