Holy Week Devos

As we enter into Holy Week, our staff has crafted six original devotionals and prayers to help guide us through Christ’s final steps to the cross. 


Monday: Flipping Tables

The first of six Holy Week daily devotionals, this reflection on Mark 11 by Michelle Jones challenges us to take stock of what’s going on inside our hearts.

Tuesday: Selfless Esteem

Day two of our Holy Week devos focuses on Jesus’ selfless act of washing the disciples feet at the last supper. What can we learn from this humble example of hospitality? By Ruben Alvarado.

Wednesday: Love as I have Loved

Written by Gena Siegel, our third Holy Week devo explores how Jesus’ command to love one another as a critical part of His plan for salvation.

Thursday: Nevertheless

Our fourth Holy Week devotional focuses on Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane. Seth King reflects on yielding to God’s will in the rawest of times.

Good Friday: Into Your Hands

For our Good Friday devo, Abby Wilhelm unpacks Jesus’ final moments as the beginning of His ultimate victory over death.

Holy Saturday: Hope in the Waiting

Our final Holy Week devotional finds us yearning and anticipating the resurrection. Stephanie Newport examines the truths we hold onto as we wait.